Amazing Landscapes
"  - Glorious nature, wonderful picture, where shall I keep you?
  - In the frame of your heart."
Hazrat Inayan Khan, The Dance of the Soul (Sufi Sayings)

Svetlana V. Kvitsinskaya Svetlana V. Kvitsinskaya was born in 1934 in the village of Zvanki, Leningrad Region. She spent her early childhood in the ancient city of Pskov with her family. At the young age she lost her mother, lived through the Nazi occupation, was seriously wounded in her leg and endured the economic difficulties of post-World War II period. After the war her family moved to Leningrad (presently St. Petersburg), where she earned a degree in Radio Communications. For many years Svetlana worked in the field of computer engineering. Together with her husband Alwian Kvitsinski she brought up two daughters. After more than half a century of "ordinary" life her sensitive soul began to unfold. As a result, her artistic talent has sprung out in its developed, mature form. Svetlana continues to perfect her talent with the full support of her family.

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